Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Perfect  side dish for appam. This is delicious and super easy chicken curry 


1.      Chicken-250gm,cut into medium sized pieces
2.      Onion-1 big,sliced
3.      Ginger-1 tbsp ,julienned
4.      Garlic-4 pods,cut length wise
5.      Green chilly-4 nos,slitted
6.      All spices-(cardamom 3 nos,cinnamon stick-1,star anise(thakkolam)-1no,cloves-4nos)
7.      Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
8.      Salt
9.      Thin coconut milk-2 cups
10.  Thick coconut milk-1cup
11.  Garam masala-1tsp
12.  Pepper powder-1tsp
13.  Vinegar-1tbsp
14.  For seasoning
Pearl onions-4 nos,cut into thin round slices
Curry leaves-2sprigs
Mustard seeds-1/4 tsp

Method of preparation

1.      Combine ingredients 1-9 ,
2.       cook until chicken is done.
3.      When the chicken is cooked,add thick coconut milk,garam masala,pepper powder and vinegar heat for a while.do not let it boil.
4.      Heat oil in a pan ,splutter mustard seeds,when they pop up add curry leaves,sliced pearl onions sauté until onions turns brown color.pour this over the prepared chicken curry. Delicious chicken mappas is ready to serve.

Saturday, 22 September 2012


1.      Chicken -1kg cut into small or medium pieces
2.      Onion-2 nos sliced
3.      Pearl onions-10 nos,crushed
4.      Ginger paste-1tbsp
5.      Garlic paste-1tbsp
6.      Green chilly-4nos slitted
7.      Tomato-1 no chopped
8.      Chilly powder-1tbsp
9.      Coriander powder-2tbsp
10.  Garam masala-1tsp
11.  Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
12.  Curry leaves
13.  Coconut oil-2 tbsp
14.  Salt
For the marinade
15.Ginger paste-1tbsp
16.Garlic paste-1tbsp
17.Chilly powder-1tbsp
18.Coriander powder-1tbsp
19.Garam masala-1/2 tsp
20.Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp

Method of preparation
1.      Marinate chicken pieces with the ingredients 15- 21,Cook by adding 1 cup of water.(if you are using pressure cooker, cook upto 2 whistles)
2.      Heat oil in a pan , add curry leaves,saute onion and green chilly until onion turns brown.
3.      Add ginger - garlic paste and crushed pearl onions ,stir for 5 min or until raw smell disappears.
4.      Add all powders stir for sometime.
5.      Add chopped tomato,cook until it melts.
6.      Add the cooked chicken along with the gravy , mix well with the masala,cook in high flame until the gravy dries up. Reduce the flame, cook until it get well roasted. Stir in between. Lastly add some more curry leaves. Switch off the flame. Keep it closed for some time.

Monday, 17 September 2012



Clams: a healthy choice, the protein level of clams is much higher than that of red meat with very few calories. Also it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Here goes the recipe of  country style clams roast.


1.      Kakkayirachi-1/2kg
2.      Onion-2medium sized  chopped
3.      Garlic-2pods cut length wise
4.      Ginger-1 tbsp julienned
5.      Green chilly-4 nos slitted
6.      Chilly powder-3tbsp
7.      Pepper powder-1/2tsp
8.      Turmeric powder-1/4tsp
9.      Garam masala-1tsp
10.  Cinnamon stick -1
11.  Cloves-3nos
12.  Cardamom-2 nos
13.  Mustard seeds-less than ¼ tsp
14.  Curry leaves-2 sprigs
15.  Oil-3tbsp
16.  Water
17.  salt
method of preparation
1.      wash kakkayirachi 3 or 4 times. Cook  with ½ cup of  water till it is done( you can use a pressure cooker).a white juice will come out from it while cooking, make sure you drain this liquid completely. Keep aside the cooked clams.
2.      Heat oil in a pan splutter mustard seeds,add curry leaves.
3.      Add ingredients 10-12 ,stir for a minute.
4.      Add green chilly,garlic,ginger stir  for 2 min.add onions sauté till it turns golden brown .
5.      add in all powders,stir for 5 min.then add kakkayirachi and salt, mix well with the masala.cook in medium flame by keeping the lid closed. Roast well. Stir in between. When it turns dark brown color switch off the flame. Serve with rice.