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Friday, 19 April 2013



1.      Fully ripened mango-2 Nos,skin removed and roughly cut
2.      Frozen milk-500 ml
3.      Sugar-2tbsp (more or less)
4.      Water-1glass
5.      Nuts and cream-for garnishing (optional)

Method of preparation

1.      Break the frozen milk into small pieces by hitting with a pestle or something heavy.
2.      Combine all the ingredients  in a blender and grind until it forms lumps free smoothie.
3.      Garnish with some cream and nuts .Serve immediately.

sending this to Swathy's Zesty South Indian Kitchen

Hearth & Soul Hop

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


1.      Mango flavored tang-4tsp
2.      Milk powder—4tsp
3.      Dates-5nos
4.      Water-2and1/2 glass
5.      Ice cubes
Method of preparation
1.      Remove seeds and soak the dates with ½ glass of water for 10 min.
2.      Blend soaked dates,milk powder,tang and ice cubes in a blender.
3.      Add water, mix well.garnish with some chopped dates.serve chill…