I am Rani Arun, hailing from the ‘god’s own country’ Kerala .Currently living in Banglore with my better half. Being a great foodie,i  always love to experiment with food and cooking. Like most other ladies, cooking has become a passion only after the marriage. The story was quite pathetic before and initial days of marriage:).yes …necessity is the mother of inventions, necessity has taught  me the beautiful art of cooking and now I am enjoying it to the fullest.

          All the recipes listed here are shared by my family, friends, few my own; some are adapted from tv shows, cookery books, other food blogs and are modified in a way to suit my taste and convenience. Trust me i am posting only the successful dishes. So please try it, I would like to hear your comments and suggestions. If you like my recipes don’t hesitate to hit like and share with your friends.

 You can contact me -ranigourmet@gmail.com


             HAPPY COOKING


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  1. hi rani,
    the recipe are great, tried them.