Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Looking for a curry for a lazy day?? then lets try this...this is a super easy one with a different flavor

1.      Tomato-3 medium sized, cut into small pieces
2.      Onion-1/2 of one chopped
3.      Ginger-1 small piece chopped
4.      Green chilly-2nos,cut into thin round pieces
5.      Sambar powder-2tsp
6.      Chilly powder-1tsp
7.      Oil-2tbsp
8.      Curry leaves-1 sprig
9.      Mustard seeds-2 pinch
10.  Water-1/4 cup
11.  Salt

Method of preparation
1.      Heat oil. splutter mustard seeds, add curryleaves,ginger,chilly stir for 2min.saute onions until it becomes soft .
2.      Add tomato, cook till it melts. add the powders and salt.mix well.
3.      Add water,cook for 5 min by keeping the lid on. This curry goes well with chappathi and rice.
NOTES: If you don’t prefer the flavor of sambar powder,just add 2tsp of chilly powder and ½ tsp of garam masala.                                               

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