Thursday, 23 August 2012


Papputtu is a coorg cuisine.its another version of our puttu but the cooking style is completely different and this one is cooked in milk,that’s the reason it is called papputtu-pal(milk)+puttu ! here goes the recipe of delicious  papputtu.

1.      rice rava/broken rice- 1 1/2 cup   (for preparation check notes)
2.      milk-1 ½ cup
3.      grated coconut-1/2 cup
4.      water-1 cup
5.      cardamom-1 no crushed
6.      sugar-1tsp
7.      salt-1tsp

method of preparation
1.      soak rice rava in water for half an hour
2.      mix this with all other ingredients.(this will look like a loose batter)
3.      grease a steel plate.pour this mixture .fill only half of the plate.cook this in a steamer for 15min.
4.      cut this into triangular shape and tastes best with any spicy gravy.

Notes : broken rice is available in stores or can be prepared by following method
You can use basmathi rice or sona masoori(pachari). I used sona masoori. wash and soak rice for 5 min. then drain it on a news paper or kitchen towel. Slightly grind it using mixer grinder in to a coarse texture(it should look like medium sized crystals)sieve in order to remove any powder, otherwise your puttu will turn sticky .this can be stored in an air tight is better prepare rice rava in advance as this process is time consuming.
                                             Rice rava 
                                 prepared batter

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  1. Never seen thsi. Looks yummy.. Will definitely try it at home....