Monday, 13 August 2012


1.      Garlic(peeled) -200gm
2.      Carrot( cut ito medium long pieces)-2nos
3.      Ginger(chopped)-1tbsp
4.      Greenchilly(slitted)-2nos
5.      Fenugreek seeds-1/2 tsp
6.      Fenugreek powder-3/4tsp
7.      Asfoetida powder-1/2tsp
8.      Chilly powder-3tbsp
9.      Curry leaves-1sprig
10.  mustard seeds-1/2tsp
11.  oil-4tbsp
12.  vinegar-1/2 cup
13.  salt
method of preparation
1.      heat I tbsp of oil  in a pan sauté carrot for a while.keep it aside
2.      heat remaining oil ,splutter mustard seeds when they popup add fenugreek seeds, curry leaves,ginger n greenchilly sauté for 5 min
3.      add garlic n salt sauté for 8 min.then add the sauted carrots mix well
4.       make a space in the centre by pushing the veggies to the side of the pan.switch off the flame.add all powders in , stir well with oil for 2 min .then mix well with the veggies.
5.      Now add the vinegar into this n boil for 1min.
6.      When it is cooled transfer this into a air tight tastes good after 3 or 4 days.

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