Thursday, 23 August 2012


I loveeee this curry …….it has got the authentic kottayam flavor. It is a simple curry with basic ingredients but taste excellent. So please try this out………….hope you will love it…

1.      Fish-1/2 kg(medium sized pieces)
2.      Ginger-1 ½ tbsp(crushed)
3.      Garlic-1 ½ tbsp( crushed)
4.      Kudampuli (cocum)-4pieces
5.      Kashmiri chilly powder-4tbsp
6.      Turmeric powder-3/4 tsp
7.      Coconut oil-3tbsp
8.      Fenugreek seeds-1/4 tsp
9.      Curry leaves-2sprigs
10.  Salt
11.  Water
Method of preparation
1.      Wash kudampuli and soak in ½ glass of water + 1 tsp salt for 15 min.
2.      Heat oil in a meen chatti(earthen pot) .add fenugreek seeds.
3.      Add ginger and garlic,sauté for 5 min or till the raw smell goes.
4.      Mix ingredients 5 and 6 with water to make a thick paste.add this into chatti stir for 2 min.
5.      Add kudampuli along with water + another 1 glass of water and some salt.let it boil.
6.      Add fish pieces and curry leaves. Gently swirl the chatti  in order to mix the gravy with fish pieces .reduce the flame ,cook for 10 min or until the gravy thickens.

Notes: you can use any fish of your choice. this curry can be stored upto 3 or 4 days in room temperature, but make sure you boil the curry every day .if you are using normal chilly powder then reduce the above mentioned quantity. 

                                         Saute ginger- garlic
                                          make thick paste with chilly powder and turmeric powder




  1. It looks delicious! Cant wait to try it in person someday!!!

  2. Looks very delicious and tempting, the recipes are very yummy...
    I am happy to follow you...

  3. makes me drool,Rani..Yummy with kappa vevichathu & even rice :)
    Happy to join your foodie space..Thanx for dropping by mine & joining:)
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