Monday, 13 August 2012


It is an Arabic dip usually served with pita can also be used as a healthy bread spread.
1.      Chick pea(white channa) cooked-1 cup
2.      Garlic-2pods
3.      Olive oil-1 ½ tbsp
4.      Tahini-1 tbsp (refer notes)
5.      Lemon juice-1tbsp
6.      Salt
7.      Chilly powder-a pinch

Method of preparation
1.      Grind all the ingredients into smooth paste .if the mix is too thick then adjust the consistency by adding some water.
2.      Garnish by sprinkling some chilly powder over the top.
Notes :tahini is a paste made of sesame seeds with olive is available in super markets or  it can be made at home .for recipe clik the link below

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