Tuesday, 7 April 2015


When I went to supermarket yesterday for our weekend purchase, I saw an attractive packet pictured a beautiful cake named pressure  cooker cake mix. Then I wondered is there any particular cake recipe that to be made in pressure cooker???My answer is absolutely NO!!Before I get my electric oven I used to make different kinds of cakes in cooker. I could not find any taste or texture difference .When I googled about pressure cooker baking,I could see many posts about this using sand and some  using crystal salt to maintain or to control the heat inside the cooker.You don’t need any of these stuffs for making a humble cake. You just require 3 things, a pressure cooker WITHOUT RUBBER GASKETAND WEIGHT ,a cooker separator and a cake tin that fits well inside the cooker.iam promising you that your cooker will not explode or damage in any way(before that instructions should be read thoroughly). You don’t have to follow any particular recipe for making cakes in cooker.Any type of cakes can be made in cooker .But if you are novice in baking start with an easy recipe. This post is for all who desperately want to bake a cake without using oven.
Coming to the cake recipe..This is a fool proof recipe. I have made this cake number of times and every time it was a hit. This is a super easy and a delicious cake..


1.      All purpose flour(maida)-3/4cup
2.      Curd-1/2 cup(room temperature)
3.      Oil-1/4cup(any flavorless oil like sunflower or canola)
4.      Sugar-1/2cup
5.      Baking powder-little less than ¾ tsp
6.      Baking soda-1/4 tsp
7.      Vanilla essence -1tsp
8.      Cocoa powder-2 n ½ tsp
9.      water-2tsp

Method of preparation

1.      Prepared a cake tin. For that, apply oil or butter along the sides and bottom of the tin. Sprinkle little flour all over. Invert the pan and tap to remove excess flour
2.      Take a bowl. Start by beating curd well.Add in baking powder and baking soda. Beat well. When the curd turns frothy add oil and essence and sugar. Beat well till sugar dissolves. Add flour in 2 batches and mix well without any lumps.
3.      Mix cocoa powder with water to form a paste. Add a ladle full of prepared batter in to this and mix well.this is the chocolate batter.
4.      Pour the white batter into the tin. Take a spoon full  ofchocolate batter and pour on the top of this. Using the tip of a pointed knife make some designs. Repeat this until both batter used up.
5.      Now take the cooker, keep the cooker separator. DO NOT POUR WATER OR OIL. The cake is going to cook under dry heat the same way  which is cooked up in oven. Close with the lid.         DO NOT PUT RUBBER GASKET AND WEIGHT. Keep in high flame for 2 minutes,then in medium flame for 5 minutes then reduce the flame to lower and cook for 40-45 minutes.Check in between by inserting a tooth pick or knife. Once it has cooked the knife comes out clean.
6.      When the cake is cooked, remove the cake tin from the cooker. Let it cool completely. Run a knife all along the edges the pan .Invert the pan on to plate and tap the bottom of the pan to get the cake out.Slice and serve


preparing the cake tin

making the batter

making the chocolate batter

mixing and creating designs

keep the tin in  cooker and cooked until inserted knife comes out clean.Let the cake cooled,inverted  onto a plate ..Enjoy delicious Marble cake with your loved ones :)


  1. Oh-la-la. The heart is sentimental and the cake is nice. Never made cake in pressure cooker. About time I suppose.

  2. Wow this is heavenly and beautiful........... :)

  3. Hi I hve my 5 litres of aluminum cooker bt lost its cover so can I cover it with a plate to bake a cake,pls reply..

  4. hi rithu,
    thanks for visiting my blog.sorry for the delayed replay. i dnt have any idea about the cover.I guess plate cannot be used as a lid for a cooker since we want heat to not be escaped.only cooker will suit while making cake.but please be note that rubber gasket is not needed.