Monday, 20 April 2015


I made this cake for my husband on his birthday and wanted to give him as a surprise. I prepared this one day in advance. I knew very well that baking the cake, making the frosting, decorating the cake everything cannot be done on the same day as all this process depends on the sleeping time of my little boy. It was for the first time a cake remained uncut for a day :). Usually i taste the cake the moment it comes out of the oven.I was having tough time to keep it as secret. I hid the cake in my kitchen cupboard. But after baking the entire home was filled with the wonderful aroma of cake. Cake can be kept hidden, but the smell??i wanted to erase all the traces that I had baked a cake before he gets home from office. Then I opened each and every windows, switch on the fans of all rooms .Somehow I managed to keep it secretly. It was for the first time I made this cake but no way to check the taste, texture etc.I had no clue how it tastes like.I decided to keep the frosting as minimal as possible so that it wouldn’t be overly too sweet. But after frosting the cake looked quite blank not attractive. So I topped up with some praline and it did lift the cake to another level of taste and appearance. Actually it was my maiden attempt in cake decoration. However the entire thing went smoothly as I planned.Atleast I could keep the surprise. He was totally excited to see the cake. That’s what I wanted. Isn’t that great bringing smiles on our loved ones face by a humble deed? Cooking can do that magic!!

Over to the cake recipe..the cake was absolutely yum!! The combination of carrot and pineapple was heavenly. The cake was moist and super soft. Do try this will love this cake for sure.


1.      Maida/all purpose flour-1 n ¾ cup
2.      Oil-3/4 cup
3.      Eggs-2nos
4.      Sugar-1-cup
5.      Grated carrot-1 cup
6.      Chopped pineapple-1/2 cup(after  chopping,crush the pineapple lightly)
7.      Baking powder-little less than ¾  tsp
8.      Baking soda-1/2 tsp
9.      Cinnamon powder-1/2 tsp
10.  Vanilla essence-1 n ½ tsp
11.  Salt-1/4 tsp

For the frosting
1.      Fresh cream-200ml
2.      Vanilla essence-1tsp
3.      Icing sugar-3 or 4 tblsp

For the praline
1.      Suagr-2tblsp
2.      Water-1 or 2tsp
3.      Cashew nuts-10 nos,chopped

Method of preparation

1.      Preheat the oven at 170 for 10 minutes. Prepare a loaf tin.
2.      Mix flour, cinnamon powder ,salt ,baking powder and baking soda. Sieve together or whisk everything well.
3.      In a mixing  bowl beat eggs well till it turns frothy. Add sugar in and beat again until sugar dissolves. Add in oil and vanilla essence and give a gentle stir. Add grated carrot and chopped pineapple. Mix well
4.      Add already mixed dry ingredients in to this in different batches and fold in gently .pour the batter into prepared tin and bake for 40-45 minutes at 170.
5.      Once it has cooked, let it cool completely. Invert the cake on to a plate.
Frosting is completely optional. The cake taste delicious even without frosting.

Fresh cream frosting

1.      Beat cream well until it forms stiff peaks.
2.      Add in icing sugar and vanilla essence and beat gently.
3.      Keep in fridge for 5 minutes until the frosting has reached the right consistency.
4.      Use your imagination and decorate the cake.I  applied the frosting only on the top and on the lower side. To decorate the whole cake increase the quantity of ingredients.

1.      Grease a steel plate with some oil or butter.
2.      Heat sugar in thick bottomed pan. Add little water. Turn the heat to maximum and let the sugar turn lightly brown. Once it starts to brown add chopped nuts and mix well.
3.      Immediately transfer it into greased plate and spread evenly using a spoon.
4.      Once it has cooled crush it using a pestle. Sprinkle this on the top or the sides of the cake.
After the frosting keep the cake in fridge or frosting will melt under room temperature. Take it out  15 minutes or half an hour before consumption.


  1. How nice to bake this lovely cake as a surprise for your hubby. I am sure he must have been impressed. Mine prefer surprise to come in the form of sambar and rasam. Love the addition of pineapple for the sweet-tangy zang.

    1. Ahahha.cant stop my laugh reading your comment Nava..:)

    2. Ahahha.cant stop my laugh reading your comment Nava..:)

  2. what is d consistency of d batter? want to try this..

    1. Hi Arshitha,
      Thanks for the comment..the batter is supposed to be bit thick.if the ingredients are measured accurately, the consistency would be correct.
      Try cheythu nokku.ennittu engne undennu parayoo :)

  3. Beautiful cake and I can imagine its heavenly taste of with carrot and pine apple.... pass me a portion too..... :)

  4. Nice combination really n Yummy luking slices.