Friday, 10 June 2016


Ullivada is my most favorite snack.It always brings some sweet childhood memories for me.When I was school kid ,my amma used to bring ullivada from her office canteen. But the sad thing is that we couldn’t get enough of that since they supply only limited numbers just for their employees. That was the best ullivada I ever had. Unlike ullivadas from other places, it was loaded with onions with less flour. Sadly the one which is available in Kerala with the name of ullivada is merely maida vada with very less or no onion at all! When I moved to Chennai I started getting onion bonda instead of ullivada.I totally fell in love with those. The main difference of onion bonda from ullivada is that the bonda is made with gramflour instead of maida also it is not flattened and sphere in shape.But all other ingredients are same. I always wanted to try it at home. On one evening when my husband requested to make some snack I prepared it.It turned out truly good. I had to struggle to get a few for photoshoot. It was vanished within minutes goes the recipe


1.    Onion-4 medium sized, thinly sliced
2.    Ginger -2 tbsp,chopped
3.    Green chilly-4 nos,chopped
4.    Curry leaves-one handful, tear into small pieces
5.    Gram flour /kadalamavu-200gms
6.    Rice flour-2tbsp
7.    Oil- 1tbsp
8.    Salt –as required
9.    Water- around ¼ cup
10. Oil- for deep frying

Method of preparation

1.    Mix ingredients 1 to 8 in a wide mixing bowl. Rub everything well with the hands for few minutes. This process releases water from the we don’t need to add more water further. Add water little by little and stop adding it once the mix can be shaped in to balls.
2.    Heat oil.when the oil is really hot, wet the palms take small balls from  the mix. Put it into the oil and fry in medium flame for about 5 minutes or until it is cooked through.
Serve hot..


  1. Kure kaalaayallo kaanaathe... :) Delicious looking ullivada...

  2. HI rafeeda,
    mon um aayittu my amma is here wit me so iam gettn some free time :)