Sunday, 11 November 2012


Gulab jamuns ,the most famous Indian sweet. This gulab jamun is made of bread!!! I must tell you this  jamuns is as delicious as that of  one made from khova or milk powder. Lets try this and enjoy your Diwali..Happy Diwali to all my friends…

1.      Bread-6 slices, sides removed
2.      Milk-1/2 cup
3.      Maida-1tbsp
4.      Sugar-1cup
5.      Water-1 cup
6.      Cardamom-2nos
7.      Rose essence- 1 or 2 drops (optional)
8.      Oil for frying

Method of preparation
1.      Dip bread in milk .Squeeze it out to remove excess liquid. Add maida. Knead into smooth dough. Make small balls out of it.
2.      Heat oil in a deep bottomed pan. Fry jamuns till golden brown in low flame. Mean while mix sugar with water. Add cardamom and rose syrup. Heat till the sugar melts and the fluid thickens. Keep in low flame until we finish frying of all jamuns.(the syrup should be hot while putting the jamuns)
3.      Transfer the fried jamuns into the hot sugar syrup. Cover the vessel. Let it soak in syrup fo2 hours.

Notes : The jamuns should be fried in low heat. If the outer layer turn crispy it may not absorb sugar syrup. If the syrup solidify when it cools down, add some more water and heat again.


  1. Love Gulab Jamuns,
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